Benny Oei Award

The Benny Oei Award is dedicated to the memory of the late Benny Oei who remains a symbol for the Zuoz Club and its ideals: the spirit of Zuoz, fair play and sound physical and intellectual activity (mens sana in corpore sano).

It has been dedicated to this very special personality by old boy Dogan Taskent and his family.

It is awarded once a year (since 2013) to a person who deserves it for his merits concerning sports or an intellectual activity based on team spirit, fairness and also, but not primarily, success.

The Award will go to the person chosen by The Benny Oei Award selection committee and will be presented, whenever possible, at the summer games by Audrey Oei.


Past recipients

2013 Curt Schmitt
2014 Daniel Haering
2015 Rolf Zehnder
2016 Niklas Döbler
2017 Filippo Variola
2018 Alice Bührer sen.
2018 Lorenzo Wullschleger


Additional information and selection criteria:

1) It is a ‘fairness and sportsmanship award’.  Benny was much more than a sports idol, he was a true sportsman, a gentleman and a profound thinker.

2) The award will be given once a year to the person who will be identified based on his or her merits.

3) The selection committee consists of the following people: the Rektor of the LAZ, the games master and the school captain for the school and Dogan Taskent, the Zuoz Club President, its Vice President, the Questor and Daniel Häring for the Zuoz Club.

4) Person(s) to be nominated need to have shown exemplary behaviour over the course of the entire school year

5) Selection criteria: (a) team spirit, (b) fairness, (c) social responsibility, (d) enthusiasm for sports, (e) social behaviour, (f) kindness, (g) dedication to the Lyceum, (h) stamina and patience, (i) intellectual activity

6) The Award does not have to be awarded every year if the selection committee cannot identify a suitable candidate