The Zuoz Club

The Zuoz Club is the association of former students of the Lyeum Alpinum Zuoz, where for over 100 years girls and boys have been educated to live a healthy life, in both the physical and intellectual sense, in accordance with the school’s motto “Mens sana in corpore sano” and to respect one another’s culture, race, nation and religion. The tradition of this education lays the foundation for what present and former Lyceum students call the Spirit of Zuoz, together with the ideas of fair play, team spirit and the jointly-experienced days of youth and friendship at the Lyceum Alpinum. In the spirit of Zuoz there are – as everywhere – winners and losers, but not the victorious and the defeated. Because: it’s not if you won or lost, but how you played the game!

In the Zuoz Club the Spirit of Zuoz has been actively lived for over 80 years and its members feel bound by this tradition and responsible for its continued existence also for the coming generations. Founded in 1923, the number of active members in the Zuoz Club today exceeds 3000.