Greetings of the president



Dear Young Girls & Old Boys,

On September 6th, during the 2014 general assembly, I had the great honor to take the relay from my dear friend Filippo Variola and carry on as the President of the Zuoz Club for the next 4 years.

A new Board was also voted into office, consisting of some seasoned members as well as some newcomers. It was important to keep the club legacy intact, while adding fresh blood to the team.

The Zuoz Club with over 90 years of history and almost 2500 members can be considered a true power house. The importance of networks has been proven over and over again over the past decades. It is especially important in a crowded and highly competitive world such as the one we live in now. As members of the Zuoz Club we have a distinct advantage towards common social networking platforms: we share a history, tradition and values.
Those traditions make us different from other schools and give us a competitive advantage. Tradition can’t be bought, an important fact in an age, where almost everything can be acquired.

Tradition however should not mean ignoring the realities of an ever-changing world. The Lyceum saw almost no major operational changes until the first girls arrived at the boarding school in 1991. Another big change occurred with the onset of the personal communication paradigm. Kids were able talk to their parents anytime they wanted to and called them for any given problem. As a result they didn’t learn to solve their problems internally anymore. Today, the personal entertainment paradigm is another big change. Students can watch movies or play video games alone in their room. They don’t need U-Raums or sports to fill their free time. We have to be aware of those changes and adapt; we cannot fight the tide of change. Rather, we need to accept the challenge in front of us: to keep traditions alive adapting to changes. It will be continue to be a fine balancing act.

As the Board of the Zuoz Club, we will be in close contact with the club’s members, its regional presidents as well as Lyceum-Academia, students and shareholders to hear their views and to help the great Zuoz Club live up to its full potential.

Mit einem Zuozer Tschau

Dogan Taskent